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In the most intimate corners of Rioja, each vineyard has a story to tell, each climate is a chapter of life and each native variety is part of our essence.

Immerse yourself in the heart of our vineyards and discover a world of passion and tradition that gives life to some of our very special wines.


Las Torres Place

"Camino de la Torre" wine has its roots in a Tempranillo farm planted in 1923, a living testimony of our history that is reflected in every sip. This farm is strategically located in the area known as Media Legua, adjacent to the Camino de la Traicion, also known as the Las Torres area due to the historical vestiges that enrich its surroundings. At an altitude of 545 meters above sea level, this vineyard sits on clay-calcareous soil, with a notable presence of active limestone that gives character to the grapes and, therefore, to the wine obtained from here.
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